Chris Shake Enterprises
Chris Shake


Chris Shake is the third oldest of six brothers, he grew up on Fisherman’s Wharf and began washing dishes in the family restaurant at 11 years old. Chris quit school in the seventh grade to work full time alongside his father Sabu. He gradually learned every station in the kitchen and then everything there was to know about restaurant management.

Chris’s father, Sabu Shake immigrated to America in the 1950’s with practically nothing, he started out as a dishwasher on the wharf, but after years of hard work, incredible passion and dedication he created the beginnings of a true family restaurant dynasty.

Chris and his brothers have continued the success of their father and are currently responsible for at least 960 restaurant seats on the Monterey Peninsula. Chris himself is the owner of The Old Fisherman’s Grotto and The Peninsula Fish Market, both on the Fisherman’s Wharf; he is also co-owner of The Fish Hopper in Monterey.