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Old Fisherman's Grotto Cookbook

50 years of Shake Family Traditions & Treaured Recipes
Old Fisherman's Grotto / The Fish Hopper Cookbook, 2006

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In their new cookbook, 50 Years of Shake Family Traditions and Treasured Recipes, the brothers share their experiences of growing up in the fishing business — from the boat to the fish market, to the family’s restaurants — and the recipes that Sabu Sr. created that have sustained Old Fisherman’s Grotto during the last 50 years. “This book is really great reading, because it is a biography of the Shake family, especially my dad,” Chris Shake says. “We talk about sustainable seafood and using local resources in our restaurants. There’s a bit about the history of Monterey and the fishing industry, plus we have some great photos from the Pat Hathaway collection, so it isn’t just a cook book; it’s really a lot of information and a story about Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey.”

About 22 of Sabu Shake’s original recipes on the menu of The Fish Hopper and Old Fisherman’s Grotto are included in the book. “Over the years we’ve enhanced them and made a few changes, but they are user-friendly recipes, made simple,” Chris Shake says, noting that they included many great entrées, excellent desserts, and some of their favorite drinks.

(Excerpt taken from an article written by Charyn Pfeuffer and featured in Guest Life Monterey Bay)